2015 Cycling & Society Symposium

The 2015 Annual Cycling and Society Symposium was hosted by the University of Manchester and the University of Salford. The presentations are available below.

The organisers, Gabi Schliwa and Graeme Sherriff, wrote an article for Greater Manchester’s ‘Platform‘ on the symposium, presentations and discussions. The event was featured on That’s Manchester TV (YouTube Video).


Day 1

Session A – Infrastructure & Governance

Session B – Cycling from 8 to 80 (Chair: Brian Deegan)

Session C – Conflicting notions of cycling (Chair: Robin Lovelace)

Guest Presentation (pdf) by Pete Abel, Love Your Bike, Greater Manchester

Session D – Cycling Uptake (Chair: Katja Leyendecker)

Rev Andy Salmond, Chair of Salford Cycle Forum
Guest presentation by Steve Connor, Creative Concern

Day 2

Session E – Why don’t more people cycle? (Chair: Graeme Sherriff)

Session F – Cycling Economics (Chair: Paul Wilson)

Session G – Cycling Practice (Chair: Graeme Sherriff)