2023 Presentations

Opening Plenary

The Minister for Transport and Environment, Climate and Communications in Ireland, @EamonRyan, provided the opening address for this year’s symposium

‘Is it all just words? How to get from cycling as storytelling to cycling as actual planning’ (pdf)
Keynote from Malene Freudendal-Pedersen, Professor in Urban Planning, Aalborg University

Session 1 – Cycling in Older Age

Chair: Damien Ó Tuama

Session 2 – Histories

Chair: Peter Cox

Session 3 – (Bi)cycles

Chair: Graeme Sherriff

Session 4 – Cycling in Younger Age

Chair: Jane Hackett

Session 5 – Discourses

Chair: Gordon Waitt

Session 6 – Systems

Chair: Brian Caulfield

Session 7 – Solidarities

Chair: Nadia Williams

Session 8 – Spaces

Chair: Sarah Rock

  • Build it and they will come? The multiple effects of a new infrastructure on cycling practice and experience (pdf) – Patrick Rérat & Aurélie Schmassmann (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) (RE)
  • Proactive safety assessments for cycling infrastructure in Ireland: The potential role of the traffic conflict technique and surrogate measures of safety (pdf) – Kevin Gildea (Lund University, Sweden) (RE)
  • Cycling infrastructures in the North American metropolis: the emerging geographies and differential strategies of infrastructural reconfiguration for cycling in Mexico City and Toronto – Thomas Van Laake (University of Manchester, UK) (IP)
  • Developing Ireland’s Cycle Network – Lessons Learned – Hugh McCarthy (AECOM, Ireland) (IP)

Discussion 1

Chair: Kristina Moody (Dublin City Council)

Dublin City Council’s Active Travel Network: An exploratory discussion on maximising societal benefit – Christopher Manzira (Dublin City Council), Sabrina Dekker (Dublin City Council), John Legge (Consultant in Emergency Medicine), Naomi Oldenburg (National Disability Authority), Mary MacSweeney (Dublin City Council) (IP)

Discussion 2

Chair: Karen Lee (Solidaria, Australia)

Steady Pedal or Wild Ride? Including girls and women in everyday bike riding and cycle infrastructure planning: participatory methods and pathways to their wider adoption – Gemma Simón i Mas (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Ciara Norton (An Taisce EEU – Green-Schools Travel), Stephanie Stotz Simons (City of Berne) (Hybrid)

Book Launch: Prof. Peter Cox (University of Chester) – Cycling Activism: Bike Politics and Social Movements

Session 9 – Engagement

Chair: Robert Egan

Session 10 – Integration

Chair: Keyvan Hosseini

Session 11 – Data

Chair: Caitriona Corr

Session 12 – Connections

Chair: Caroline Brown