2019 CfA

Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts is now closed. If you are an author, we should have contacted you already – please let us know if we haven’t. Stay tuned for updates on the programme.

“Cycling, Society and Social Justice” Cycling and Society Research Group Annual Symposium 2019 with Scientists For Cycling network

Hosted by the Department of Social and Political Science, University of Chester, UK

2-3 September, 2019

Mobility Justice is increasingly important as a primary theme for understanding contemporary mobilities and in shaping imaginaries of future mobilities. A number of recent works point to the need to engage with considerations of mobility justice in the context of cycling research. For example, studies observing connections between cycling promotion and gentrification in the USA have questioned easy assumptions that increased investment in cycling is automatically a social good for all sectors of the population.

This symposium focuses attention on issues of social justice, and on the ways in which cycling has affected social inclusion and exclusion, both past and present. Its aim is to build a better understanding of relationships between cycling and social justice and to extend the scope of cycling researches to address more clearly the social and political implications of changing mobilities and how different cycling practices might engender different forms of social inclusion and exclusion. Similarly, conventional emphasis on travel time in mobility planning needs to be problematized in relation to its effects upon cycling and social justice.

Thinking through the relations of cycling and social inclusion will necessarily require considerations of class, gender, age and ethnicity alongside better incorporation of the implications of different bodily abilities and capacities. Accessibility is important in thinking through urban mobilities but parallel considerations of autonomy remain relatively under-examined. The governance of different stakeholders and social movements as they affect practices and policies can also have equity implications, so it is also important to consider intersections of cycling with other social activisms for social inclusion and creative change.

We therefore invite proposals to address any aspect of these themes, from historical, current or future perspectives. Papers that address these themes in all aspects of cycling, whether transport, leisure, sport or tourism are welcome. Both empirical and theoretical contributions will be considered.

The symposium will follow a mixed format with a variety of different styles of presentation available, and a range of session types. Consequently contributions should follow one of three formats.

  • Poster presentation. A1 format poster. There will be a dedicated session for poster presentations which should last about 6 minutes plus question time.
  • Short presentation/ report:  A 12 minute presentation slot. Suitable for work in progress and study reporting
  • 20 minute presentation. For fuller presentations and discussion. If possible, contributors should submit a presentation or written paper for this longer format by 14th August for circulation prior to the symposium. This is intended to facilitate discussion and as a means to prepare for publication.

There will be organised field visits on the days before and after the symposium to examine how institutions and infrastructures contribute to social inclusion and exclusions. Details to be confirmed.

Deadlines and submission procedures

Please send abstracts of 250 words maximum, to csrg@chester.ac.uk by Friday 31st May.

You must include title, corresponding author and institution/organization and indicate format.